Monday, January 7, 2013

I Feel Professional!

Pin It I will share with you some pictures I took in my own backyard, flowers I found in my dad's garden, and odd things I found in the yard. You know, anything can make a great picture. Tonight, I will be headed to the Botanical Gardens, where I can capture the beauty of flowers. You know how I like those! I feel I am getting professional grade pictures, with the angles and stuff. I wish I had a macro lens though so I can clearly focus on the little things.
Anyway, off to Botanical Gardens! I will share those pictures tomorrow.
Ps. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the comment box below. All is appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!
Anna :)

This is a wild flower (I'm no flower finatic). I love the colors and sharpness of this picture. I also like the angle I took it at. I hope you like it too!

I was debating between this picture and one with the leaf straight on. I chose this one. Its different, and I like that. I found the leaf on the ground and I wish I knew where it came from. It's beautiful!
This is a snail shell if you couldn't tell :) I like how the background is only clear next to the snail shell, and fuzzy behind. That is exactly what I'd hoped it would turn out to look like.
I know your supposed to save the best for last, but this isn't necessarily my favorite. Still I liked the sharpness of the colors and the quality of the picture.
Remember, the more traffic on the blog I get, the more I will post wonderful pictures like these!So spread the word! Have a fantastic Monday everyone!

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