Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Beginnings

Pin It 2013- A new beginning. My New Years resolution I have decided as of today, to post on this more often. I mean, I love photography. I love writing. Why not?
So, below are some more pictures I've taken over the winter break. Some of them are edited by filters on instagram, so follow my account @this_beautiful_earth if you like the pics (:
The first picture is a bougenvillia. The second is something I found on the sidewalk. The discards of the tree above me. The third is a hibiscus and the fourth is the Gauman's Chinese Theatre. I added that in for the perspective and the angle. Enjoy! PS. Spread the word, because the more people view the blog, the more often I will post. So please spread the word about this blog and my instagram. Thank you <3.   (:


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