Monday, January 7, 2013

I Feel Professional!

Pin It I will share with you some pictures I took in my own backyard, flowers I found in my dad's garden, and odd things I found in the yard. You know, anything can make a great picture. Tonight, I will be headed to the Botanical Gardens, where I can capture the beauty of flowers. You know how I like those! I feel I am getting professional grade pictures, with the angles and stuff. I wish I had a macro lens though so I can clearly focus on the little things.
Anyway, off to Botanical Gardens! I will share those pictures tomorrow.
Ps. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the comment box below. All is appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!
Anna :)

This is a wild flower (I'm no flower finatic). I love the colors and sharpness of this picture. I also like the angle I took it at. I hope you like it too!

I was debating between this picture and one with the leaf straight on. I chose this one. Its different, and I like that. I found the leaf on the ground and I wish I knew where it came from. It's beautiful!
This is a snail shell if you couldn't tell :) I like how the background is only clear next to the snail shell, and fuzzy behind. That is exactly what I'd hoped it would turn out to look like.
I know your supposed to save the best for last, but this isn't necessarily my favorite. Still I liked the sharpness of the colors and the quality of the picture.
Remember, the more traffic on the blog I get, the more I will post wonderful pictures like these!So spread the word! Have a fantastic Monday everyone!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Pin It It's all about the angles you know.
Suppose you had a picture of a flower. You can have it dead on, and sure, that would make a great picture. But maybe if you position your camera so it's in the bottom corner. The otherwise boring picture has become different and more exciting. It has given viewers a different way of looking at something. Plus, you can do this with anything. It makes your pictures look great. Check out this picture I posted on my instagram. @this_beautiful_earth

New Beginnings

Pin It 2013- A new beginning. My New Years resolution I have decided as of today, to post on this more often. I mean, I love photography. I love writing. Why not?
So, below are some more pictures I've taken over the winter break. Some of them are edited by filters on instagram, so follow my account @this_beautiful_earth if you like the pics (:
The first picture is a bougenvillia. The second is something I found on the sidewalk. The discards of the tree above me. The third is a hibiscus and the fourth is the Gauman's Chinese Theatre. I added that in for the perspective and the angle. Enjoy! PS. Spread the word, because the more people view the blog, the more often I will post. So please spread the word about this blog and my instagram. Thank you <3.   (:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Pin It This Christmas I recieved a new and better camera. It was a Nikon Coolpix L20. So I went this morning and yesterday, and captured some beautiful pictures of flowers around my yard and my grandma's yard. I hope you like them!

This moth opens it's wings to the sky

Dew collects on a poinsetta in the morning

Budding roses fill my Grandma's backyard

Purple flower buds lay against a cloudy sky

I love capturing the beautiful pink of the leaves and the red stems of this plant

One of the roses ready to be picked!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Light Tricks

Pin It This is a neat little trick to do if you have just the run of the mill camera like I do. Cheap cameras are bad with movement and make the pictures a bit blurry. But if you want pictures of light, you need a camera that takes bad pictures (excuse me, not the best pictures). Anyway, to take pictures like the one below, you need the surrounding area to be pretty dark. I was at a hotel and went outside and took these pictures of the hall light. Then you have to focus the picture on the light and jerk your camera whatever way you want the light to be in your picture (ex: jerk it in a circle, up and down or side to side). I applied this technique and here are my resulting pictures. Enjoy!

Two light sources collide in this picture.

I brought my camera down in to a "U" shape.

I jerked the camera side to side for this.

To get many lines to intersect, find some place with a lot of lights.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Everyone's ready for Christmas.. Even my dog

Pin It I looked up on the internet pet photo linky parties to enter, and found a good one that started today. Here is their button:
This is a link to that party Anyway it had a Christmas theme, and I decided to take a picture of my dog, and came up with some pretty good pictures. Only the first picture has a Christmas theme, but I liked the others and decided to add them in. Thanks, and enjoy!

If Santa doesn't come, my dog will be really sad..

My dog posing by the Christmas

Look at the window, it looks like fingerprints, and the flowers, a painting.

My dog always checks the perimeter.

My dog always get excited when you jiggle the doorknob.

A close up shot. He looks so focused :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Pin It I doubt any of you have seen a bird quite this beautiful. "Red chains" around their feet, beautiful green bodies, irredescent blue bib. Dark blue tail feathers, and juveniles ringed tails. An exotic breed escaped from captivity here are some pictures of the Nanday Conure. Enjoy!

Every day at a certain time these beautiful birds arrive at the feeder.

You can clearly see the underside of the tail as this bird "gawks" at the camera!

This curious conure is cocking its head at my dog Jip.

These birds are very curious, and great picture posers.

You can see the red chains, the blue tail feathers and the blue bib clearly in this picture.