Friday, December 9, 2011

Everyone's ready for Christmas.. Even my dog

Pin It I looked up on the internet pet photo linky parties to enter, and found a good one that started today. Here is their button:
This is a link to that party Anyway it had a Christmas theme, and I decided to take a picture of my dog, and came up with some pretty good pictures. Only the first picture has a Christmas theme, but I liked the others and decided to add them in. Thanks, and enjoy!

If Santa doesn't come, my dog will be really sad..

My dog posing by the Christmas

Look at the window, it looks like fingerprints, and the flowers, a painting.

My dog always checks the perimeter.

My dog always get excited when you jiggle the doorknob.

A close up shot. He looks so focused :)


  1. Your dog is similar to my dogs with the white hair. Does your dog lay by the tree on his own? My dogs will pose by the tree if I put them there. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Yes he is similar. No, my dog came to me looking for some rubbing. I was by the Christmas tree, and there he stayed after I rubbed him. Your welcome for linking up. It was fun to see other people's pet Christmas pictures.

  3. Aw...what an adorable dog! I love the second to last photo, where he's sitting by the door :)


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