Thursday, December 15, 2011

Light Tricks

Pin It This is a neat little trick to do if you have just the run of the mill camera like I do. Cheap cameras are bad with movement and make the pictures a bit blurry. But if you want pictures of light, you need a camera that takes bad pictures (excuse me, not the best pictures). Anyway, to take pictures like the one below, you need the surrounding area to be pretty dark. I was at a hotel and went outside and took these pictures of the hall light. Then you have to focus the picture on the light and jerk your camera whatever way you want the light to be in your picture (ex: jerk it in a circle, up and down or side to side). I applied this technique and here are my resulting pictures. Enjoy!

Two light sources collide in this picture.

I brought my camera down in to a "U" shape.

I jerked the camera side to side for this.

To get many lines to intersect, find some place with a lot of lights.

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